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Mentor Teachers


Course Outline

Day 1: Setting PRTs up for success

Understanding the Registration Process

Knowing the RTCs

Goal setting

What is evidence?

Setting up portfolios


Day 2: Supporting success

Observations and feedback

Induction and mentoring

Using the .2 PRT allowance

Managing challenging conversations


Days 3 & 4: Ongoing support

Trouble-shooting and ongoing support

Suggested format two full days prior to the start of the year followed by two afternoons to provide ongoing support.




Course Outline

1. Overview of the Spiral of Inquiry stages and what these mean in practice.  

Key messages: -    If we expect change in outcomes for a child we must expect to change our practice

Inquiry requires us to consider many aspects of what is happening for an individual learner.


2. Digging into the data.  Using a range of information to decide the best course of action for each child.  

3. Tracking change.  How can we ensure that what we are doing is working?  

4. Use and analysis of assessment tools.  Feedback on the identification of specific goals for improvement.

5. Matching teaching programmes and approaches to the needs of individual students

Middle Leadership:


Course Outline

Day 1: Leading from the Middle

The role of the Middle Leader

Building relational trust

Teaching as inquiry

Managing difficult conversations

Your role as a coach and as an appraiser


Day 2:  Leading Learning

Leading learning in your school

Analysing and using data

Learning focused meeting processes and approaches

Managing resistance

Collecting and using evidence

Day 3:  Growing Learning

Understanding the change process

Cultural responsiveness

Educationally powerful relationships with Parents, Families and Whānau

Systems to support struggling learners



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